Learning Resources for Nix

  • Official Nix Manuals:

    • Nix Manual - Information about nix-the-command and the Nix Language.
    • Nixpkgs Manual - Information about the Nix Package Set (nixpkgs). How to extend and customise packages, how each language ecosystem is packaged, etc.
    • NixOS Manual - Information about the NixOS operating system. How to install/configure/update NixOS, the DSL for describing configuration options, etc.
  • nix.dev - Pragmatic guide on how to use Nix productively.

  • Awesome Nix - Curated list of Nix resources.

  • Nix Pills - Alternative Nix tutorial. Takes a bottom-up approach, explaining Nix and Nixpkgs design patterns along the way.

  • Gabriel439's Nix and Haskell tutorial